What We Believe

Plura Hills United Church is an inclusive church, following in the way of Jesus and the community of radically inclusive love that he began, welcoming the stranger, the poor, and the outcast. We believe that a church of authentic believers must seek to love as widely as He did, without condition or prejudice. People of all any sexuality, gender identity, race, or ability are welcome in our church.

We take the Bible too seriously to take it literally. The core of scripture is God’s call to justice and love, and we are called to faithfully discern what this means for us today, not to mindlessly read the words and accept them at face value without going deeper.

We believe that God is present, not distant, and has a mission for us, to be faithful stewards of creation, care for all of God’s children, and witness to the gospel of grace and unconditional love. God’s call for us is challenging, it demands that we go beyond ourselves and give of what we have, but in that call is our own salvation. We all have a part to play in God’s plan.

For a more in-depth exploration of the doctrinal beliefs of the United Church of Canada, check out What We Believe and our Faith Statements on the United Church website.